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Define phase explained (DMAIC)

Define is the first phase of DMAIC process. In define phase you need to have the team and sponsor to reach agreement on the scope of the project, goals and financial and performance targets for the project.

What is Kaizen?

Word Kaizen comes from two Japanese words: kai (meaning improvement) and Zen (meaning good). Together they translate to continuous improvement.

What is Lean?

Lean Six Sigma has a powerful toolbox of techniques and methods that you should use in all phases of a successful project. At heart of any project is DMAIC.

What is Operations Management?

If we were to make a parallel between your company and your life, operations would be everything from going to market to buy groceries, preparing meals, dressing up for work, going to work. Even going to your favorite bar with friends or going to football match. Ok, but what are operations? Operations is the management […]