About Me

About Me

Nikola Sretenovic

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I am an operations management professional, an engineer, Anna’s and Peter’s father and Szabina’s husband.

I grew up in Belgrade, Serbia, during the difficult times in the Balkans with a family that encouraged me to learn in-depth and to find my own way. At first, I studied Physical Chemistry for two years only to drop it one afternoon after realizing that I do not want to spend a career in the lab. I told parents a month later, after successfully enrolling to Petroleum Engineering. Also told them that I will move out from the apartment later that day.

This is where pursuit of my own development started.

I worked for Serbian Royal Family for a couple of years and created a nationwide grassroots movement.

Then I got persuaded by brother Stevan to apply for the Norwegian Government Quota Scholarship Scheme. I got selected among thousands of applicants and moved to Norway where I earned MSc degree at the prestigious Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim with the thesis on Integrated Operations in GDF SUEZ. Moved to Stavanger. Worked offshore in Oil and Gas industry for several years for Halliburton and Schlumberger.

Got children and moved to the office to continue career as an Maintenance and Reliability Engineer prior to being promoted to Operations Management.

Continuously improving Hungarian language skills.