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What is DOE (Design of experiments)?

Design of Experiments, or short “DOE” is a controlled experiment in which the experimenter is interested in both quantifying and optimising the effect of a number of input variables on one or more output variables.

Process Cycle Efficiency and Little’s Law

The best measure of overall process health is Process Cycle Efficiency or short PCE, the percentage of value added time.  NOTE: Value added time is work that customer wants to pay and is desired by customer.  PCE = Value-add Time / Process Lead Time You can either measure process lead time directly by measuring time it […]

DMAIC – Analyze phase [VIDEO]

The Analyze phase of DMAIC helps project teams identify problems in the production process that cause product defects. This phase of Lean Six Sigma methodology is loaded with tools to help spot the problems in the production process and to determine if these problems are the root causes of defects. Examine current process to figure out how it works. Your goal […]